The Best Pet Strollers For Your Dog

The Best Pet Strollers For Your Pet

You have to be prepared for unexpected events to happen when walking your dog. Sometimes a mere 5-minute walk can turn into a 10-minute rush home due to the rain. In these situations, you'll want to have something that keeps your pet safe and unharmed.

Why are pet strollers a good investment? Think of the money you're losing by not having one. Owners who don't have pet strollers increase their pet's risk to injury and diseases.

These ailments will lead into costly fees at the veterinarian who might not provide the care you expect. Having a pet stroller prevents constant visits to the vet by offering a safe environment while traveling with your pet.

Pet Stroller with dogs inside

"Where can I buy a dog stroller?" is a common question that pet owners ask. Dog strollers are becoming increasingly popular and have a myriad of benefits when used correctly. While it may seem unnecessary, there are many reasons why dog strollers are great for you and your pet.

Here are some reasons to buy a dog stroller:

  • Easier Transportation
  • Better Exercise
  • Emergencies

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Best Pet Stroller Within A $40-$50 Range

Best Pet Stroller Within A $70-$90 Range

Best Pet Stroller Within A $200 Range

Easier Transportation

A good dog stroller allows you to take your dog with you on almost any endeavor.

Having a dog stroller makes it easier to carry your dog around in crowded venues. For instance, places like the vet, restaurants, and concerts are places where you'll want full control over your pet. The strollers will not only keep your pet safe but are also designed to move them around with ease.

Also, dog strollers protect your pet from the outside environment. The stroller protects your dog from aggressive animals and harsh sunlight. Ultimately, a good pet stroller is an excellent choice for those wanting safe transport and protection for their dog.

Better Exercise

Dog Stroller Joging

As dog's age, it becomes harder for them to exercise effectively. This results in them getting tired faster and not getting much out of their walks.

If your dog has an issue with exercising, purchasing a stroller helps your dog have a place to rest when it gets too tired. That way you can maximize your dog's training efforts and allow it to enjoy having some outdoor time.


In some emergencies, your dog will become too frightened and will tend to run away. This is a problem because it's harder to get them to the kennel where they can receive help.

Arriving at the vet in a dog stroller saves time and makes it easier for your dog to be taken care of. Thus, a dog stroller is a sound investment because it keeps your pet secure and safe during these emergency situations.

A Common Misconception

Some pet owners are opposed to the idea of having a pet stroller. They believe that it doesn't offer any benefit to their pet whatsoever.

To them, pet strollers is a waste of money and should be disregarded. This is a misconception that should be avoided if you want the most traveling utility for your pet.

Having a good pet stroller helps increase your pet's lifespan. It protects their paws and fur in areas that are too hot for them to maneuver around.

Tired dog in a dog stroller

This added protection keeps your pets from becoming afflicted with diseases that could reduce their lifespan by up to 3 years. Get a pet stroller if you want to enhance the safety and quality of your pet's life.

Things To Look For

Before undergoing our review, we need to discuss the features you should search for. These features allow for a more pleasant walk with your pet. Also, these features ensure that your pet will remain safe inside your stroller. Keep these features in mind when shopping for a good pet stroller.


Your pet's weight is a determining factor in getting the right stroller.

Most pet owners forget to measure their pets before getting a stroller. Understand that most strollers aren't suited for larger dogs. You should check your dog's weight before buying to prevent any issues.

Dog Weight for Dog Strollers

If you are buying a stroller for a puppy, get the adult size stroller. This allows your pet to grow into the stroller which saves you money since you don’t have to buy a replacement. Overall, keep your pet's weight in mind when getting a stroller so that it can remain safe while inside of it.


The wheels are the first thing you check when looking for a good dog stroller. Even if it's the best cat stroller, a bad set of wheels can cause a myriad of problems for you and your pet. We recommend finding air tire wheels because they make it easier for you to transport your pet around rocky areas.


Dog Stroller Fabric

The quality of your stroller's fabric delineates how effective it is under different weather conditions.

For instance, nylon strollers are durable and flexible enough to maneuver your pet around.

Nylon strollers are also weather resistant, which comes in handy when you live in an area that experiences all the four seasons.

When checking for a good stroller, make sure that the fabric matches up to your expectations and is sturdy enough to keep your pet comfortable when going out for extended walks.

So What To Look For

Despite what some skeptics say, it's okay to have a dog stroller. They provide an extra sense of security and protection for your dog in tight situations. If you want to increase the experience between you and your dog, getting a dog stroller might be the best option.

That being said, this article will give you detailed information on the top dog strollers in the market. As a pet owner, you deserve the right stroller for you and your dog.

We'll discuss the pros and cons of each product listed, so you'll get a clear understanding of what they offer. Also, we'll use reviews from trusted customers to shed light on some information we might've missed.

Best Pet Stroller Within A $40-$50 Range

The BestPet Pet Stroller is a great choice for pet owners with a tight budget. This stroller comes with an easy fold, making it simple to store it anywhere you want. While it may be inexpensive, the stroller provides a safe environment for your pet when going out on trips.

Alternatively, the VIVO Pet Stroller is another good stroller in this price range. The four wheel pet stroller consists of multiple windows making it easier for your pet to breathe while inside the stroller. It's an excellent choice for those wanting to keep their pets comfortable and for those wanting to provide their pets a healthy amount of exposure to sunlight.

Best Pet Stroller Within A $70-$90 Range

You'll want to take a look at the OxGord Pet Stroller. It offers a foldable exterior, which makes it easy to store after a day of walking your dog. In fact, the stroller has a light undercarriage where you can store useful pet accessories. You can own this powerful dog stroller for the low price of $77.

Best Pet Stroller Within A $200 Range

The Pet Gear Pet Stroller is ideal for those wanting a product with added features. It's a three-wheel pet stroller that provides a no-zip locking latch. It makes it easier to gain access to your pet without zippers getting in your way.

You'll like this pet stroller if you want something to keep your pet completely comfortable without too much of a hassle.

If you own multiple dogs, we'd suggest buying the Pet Gear Double Pet Stroller. It's strong enough to hold 90 pounds and has four wheels designed for increased mobility. For those who have multiple small dogs, you'll find a lot of use from this product.

Next, we'll start to review the best dog strollers in the market. Each of them has their specialized purpose of keeping your dogs protected. Also, they are mobile enough to be used in a various set of venues. Getting any of these products increases the chance of you having control over your pet in public situations.

Pet Gear Pet Stroller

Technical Specs

  • Weight Capacity: 55lbs
  • No-Zip for Easy Pet Access
  • Inside Cushion
  • Storage Basket
  • Easy to Maneuver
Pet Gear No-Zip NV Pet Stroller, with Zipperless Entry

Our Rating


Starting off our list is the Pet Gear Pet Stroller. One feature that separates it from the competition is the elevated paw rest. This allows your pet to remain comfortable in the stroller while still being safe from outside hazards.

We believe this is a good choice for owners with older dogs who need a simple method of transportation.

Determine Your Pet Size

You'll want to understand your pet's size before buying this stroller. The Pet Gear Stroller is durable enough to hold pets weighing up to 55 pounds.

Design Features

The stroller comes with front and rear entries that allow you to have access to your pet in a moment’s notice. The stroller is guaranteed to offer the maximum protection of your pet once they are inside of it.

The no-zip feature is a benefit that's been discussed amongst customers. Strollers that consist of zippers makes it almost impossible to store multiple pets in one stroller. This no-zip pet stroller gives the user easier access to their pets and makes transportation safe and effortless.

Any Problems

But, there is one issue pertaining this dog stroller. Most consumers noticed the weakness of the stroller’s wheel bearings. After a few weeks of usage, buyers noticed the bearings beginning to fall off, rendering the stroller completely useless. This might be a problem for those requiring stability from their dog strollers.

Still, it's one of the best dog strollers in the market. It has Air Ride tires which keep the stroller stable in areas with rough terrain. While it can be a bit bulky, it's durable enough to keep your pet protected while out for a walk. Get this product if you want something sturdy enough to carry your pets.

OxGord Pet Stroller

Technical Specs

  • Weight Capacity: 55lbs
  • Spacious Undercarriage
  • ​3 Zipper Protected Entryways
  • Easy to Clean
  • Safe Locking Mechanism
OxGord Pet Stroller Cat Dog 3-Wheel Walk Jogger Travel Folding Carrier Deluxe

Our Rating


Next up is the OxGord Pet Stroller. The stroller comes with multiple mesh windows that help your pet breathe while its inside. In fact, the windows protect your pet from insects and provide enough ventilation to promote proper breathing. It's an inexpensive stroller that's good for those wanting to get their pet around while keeping them comfortable.

Design Features

The multifunctional usage of this stroller is a huge plus. It contains added accessories such as a cup holder for beverages and an undercarriage to store your pet's favorite snacks. These added features make it easier to have a great experience when taking your dog out for a walk.

The stroller’s major advantage lies in its sturdiness. Most pet owners want a stroller that stays in good form after months of usage. The OxGord stroller does exactly that by having wheels that are designed for running, jogging, and exercising. The plastic covering is guaranteed to keep your pet safe when out on long travels.

Any Problems

However, consumers complain about the bulkiness of the stroller. While it's strong enough to protect your pet, it becomes a hassle to store after usage. Based on its assembly, the stroller is harder to fold and move in certain areas. This might be a problem for those wanting a lightweight stroller to transport their pets.

We believe that the OxGord Pet Stroller is useful if you want something sturdy. It's strong enough to hold multiple pets inside the stroller while keeping them safe. Even though it's a little bulky for some, it offers the highest level of protection for your pets. It's a great stroller for those wanting something to protect their pets in public areas.

BestPet Pet Stroller

Technical Specs

  • ​Weight Capacity: 55lbs
  • Quick Assembly
  • Storage Basket
  • ​Rain Cover for Extra Protection
  • Breathable Mesh Covering
All Terrain Extra Wide 3 Wheels Pet Dog Cat Stroller with RainCover

Our Rating


Third on the list is the BestPet Pet Stroller. The stroller is lightweight, yet durable enough to hold up to 52lbs of weight. We like the stroller because of its high-quality ventilation mesh windows. It offers ventilation from 3 sides to protect your pet from bugs that could cause any harm.

This makes BestPet Pet Stroller a great investment for those wanting to have a bug-resistant stroller for their pets.

Design Features

The rain cover is its defining feature. The stroller's nylon outer covering serves as a protective layer against the rain. It's designed to keep your pet safe and free of getting wet when there’s heavy precipitation. This stroller might be a good idea if you want to walk your pet when it's raining outside.

BestPet has done a good job at using sturdier materials to increase the quality of this stroller. For instance, the stroller comes with nylon joints instead of plastic. This helps by making it easier to maneuver and transport your pet around. It's a stroller that's efficient and mobile when transporting your pet around the block.

Any Problems

Consumers across the board complained about the defective properties associated with this product. Their main complaint pertained to the weak front frame of the dog stroller. The weak frame can place your pet in danger if not handled properly.

If this scenario occurs, consider getting repairs immediately to continue usage of this product.

The BestPet Pet Stroller is a perfect choice for those needing something that's rain-resistant. It has a powerful nylon cover that's proven to protect your pet from the harsh rain. While its frame is defective, you can repair it easily and continue transporting your pet in a safe manner. Get this product if you want water protection for your pet.

VIVO Pet Stroller

Technical Specs

  • Weight Capacity: 30lbs
  • Light Weight
  • ​Spacious Room for Multiple Pets
  • ​Dual Cup Holders for Drinks & Snacks
  • Durable 4 Wheel System
VIVO Four Wheel Pet Stroller

Our Rating


Fourth on our list is the VIVO Pet Stroller. It's an inexpensive stroller that holds up to 30lbs of weight. It also comes with a protective covering made of nylon to prevent certain pests from harming your pet. For owners with small dogs, this might stroller might work to your advantage.

Design Features

VIVO designed this portable stroller to promote your pets to breathe naturally. The first thing you'll notice is the mesh windows located on the front. These windows allow for your pet breathe air from the outside while staying safe from pests.

Getting this product ensures that you'll have a stroller that does exactly what's offered.

This stroller gives an adequate amount of space and functionality. It's a primary feature because it allows the user to store up to 2 small pets inside of it. It stores and contains them in a safe area that's easily accessible. You'll want this stroller if you want to ensure that your group of dogs have the maximum amount of comfort.

Any Problems

However, consumers disliked the lack of wheel stability. The product is designed with the back container extending over 7 inches past the rear axel. This means that your stroller can spontaneously flip over if your pet sits on the back of it. You'll want to avoid this if you need a stroller that can safely balance your pet.

The VIVO Pet stroller is a good starting stroller because it offers a simple level of protection for your pets. However, don't use this as a long term solution. We suggest using this stroller only for short term purposes and if you need a basic set of wheels to help your pet travel with ease.

Pet Gear Double Pet Stroller

Technical Specs

  • Weight Capacity: 90lbs
  • NO-Zip Entry for Easy Access
  • ​Water Resistant
  • ​Interior Safety Tethers
  • Air Ride Wheels
Pet Gear No-Zip Double Pet Stroller

Our Rating


Last on our list is the Pet Gear Double Pet Stroller. Like the previous pet gear stroller, it comes with extra features such as a paw rest, cup holders, and air ride wheels. However, this stroller offers more space and is used for owners with multiple dogs. It's sturdy enough to hold up to 90 pounds and stay functional throughout the duration of its use.

Design Features

The stroller's primary advantage lies in its innovative braking system. Compared to its predecessor, you only have to press the pedal, and the stroller stops completely. This is useful for those wanting a quick way to stop their pets from entering dangerous areas.

Pet owners like the product because of the space that it offers. It contains an extra-wide bolster pad interior that keeps your pets safely inside the stroller. This product works for multiple dogs who need something to keep them safe during extended walks.

Any Problems

The front wheels are a common issue associated with this product. When in use, the wheels would continuously shake. This makes it harder for you to keep control over your pet. Even after buying new replacements the stroller's front wheels are still a problem. Avoid this product if you want safer wheels to transport your pet.

We believe that the Pet Gear Double Pet Stroller is a good choice for owners. It allows you to store multiple dogs inside without the extra hassle. In fact, the stroller offers an adequate amount of space so they can breathe and move around properly. If you have two pups, you'll find a lot of utility out of this stroller.

The Verdict

The Pet Gear Double Pet Stroller is the winner.

Our reasoning behind this decision lies in the utility this stroller provides. Most strollers on this list don't give you the luxury of holding two dogs in one simple space. The Double Pet Stroller not only keeps your pets safe but is designed to come to a full stop when unexpected emergencies arise.

And we can't forget the Air Tire feature associated with this product. When searching for a pet running stroller, you'll want tires that can withstand a lot of damage and impact. These air tires are built to work in almost any venue and remain steady when you are running.

We chose this stroller because of its effectiveness, stability, and usage.

As time progresses, we will see an increase in demand for pet strollers. Most of our pets are getting older and need something to help them exercise properly. Ultimately, get a dog stroller if you want to enhance your dog's lifestyle.

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