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Canine Travel: Some Tips For Having An Easier Trip With Your Pet

Canine Travel: Some Tips For Having An Easier Trip With Your Pet

Traveling the world is one of the most fulfilling things that you can do with your time on this planet. There is nothing quite like experiencing parts of our earth that we could never have imagined existing, even on alien worlds.

From the eerie splendor of the Nile in the night to the snow-capped tips of the Himalayan mountains, we inhabit a magnificent world. Missing out on exploring the world is missing out on expanding your knowledge of people and the planet.

We believe that your pet should be able to share in the experience of exploration with you, so we have come up with a list of tips relating to traveling with dogs.

While dogs may be loyal companions and more intelligent than some will give them credit for, they are still not human beings, and certain precautions will have to be taken. Our first three tips will relate to keeping your pet safe during your travels, and the following ones will be about matters of convenience.

Keeping Your Dog Safe During Your Trip

Some basics on how to keep your dog safe:

Make Sure That Your Dog Is Secured

Before you go anywhere, you will want to purchase a harness and a tether to ensure that your dog remains safe in the event of an accident. Should there be a car crash, your dog is not the only one that is endangered, as an unrestrained dog can end up injuring you or another passenger during a collision.

tether and harness

While driving around the city with an unsecured animal is slightly hazardous, you will find that driving at interstate speeds with an unsecured animal is downright dangerous. Look out for your pet’s safety and your own by investing in a quality harness and a car safety tether for your dog.

Bring Extra Food And Water

Our next tip on how to travel with a dog is to bring along extra food and water for your dog, but it would be a good idea to do so for yourself as well. Don't forget to bring two dog bowls, as you will need one for water and another for your dog's food. You will want to bring more food and water than you will expect to need for your dog.

You may be wondering why you should bring extra food and water, and it is in case of a breakdown or some other event that can possibly leave you stranded. You don’t want your dog to get dehydrated or underfed during a potentially stressful time, so ensure that you bring enough food and water for emergencies.

Never Leave Your Dog In A Hot Car

When you take dogs on vacation, one of the most important things to do is to make sure that the car is adequately ventilated. We tend to forget since we have the luxury of exposed skin and the ability to sweat, but dogs are covered in fur, and they retain a lot more heat than we do.

Dogs in a car thats too hot

Since dogs retain so much heat in their fur, a hot car that is uncomfortable to a human can be downright deadly to a dog. You will want to leave the air conditioning on while you are driving and you should never leave your dog in a hot car, even for a moment, because it is always possible that you forget.

Some Other Tips

Dog Anxiety In Car

When you are getting ready to take your dog on a long car ride, we would recommend taking your dog for long drives around the city first. Just because your dog can bear short car rides, it doesn’t mean that its comfort will be guaranteed. A test drive for an hour or two will help you get a better idea of how your dog feels.

If your dog gets car anxiety, you will find that they may start to whimper or even growl. There are ways to help dogs get over car anxiety, but they are long-term programs. If you find out that your dog has car anxiety shortly before a trip, we would recommend leaving them at home or a kennel for this particular voyage.

Be Prepared For Car Sickness

Car sickness is a common occurrence for dogs after long drives, so you should be prepared to deal with any sudden bouts of it. We would recommend bringing an old blanket or towel on which your dog can sit, in case they end up having some issues. Cleaning supplies are also recommended for several reasons.

If your dog is sick in the car, you will not want to have to drive hundreds of miles with the smell of dog vomit clinging to your upholstery. If you are trying to ensure that a drive goes as smoothly as possible, you will want to be prepared for every eventuality, and car sickness in dogs is one of those contingencies.

Make Sure Your Dog Is Comfortable

Our last tip on how to travel long distance with a dog is mostly for your pet's sake, and it may help reduce the likelihood of car sickness or anxiety in your canine friend. When you are setting up a spot for your dog to sit, ensure that it will have enough room to sit, lie down, and move around a little bit.

comfortable dog

Dogs like to move from time to time, just like people; since car seats aren't designed for their bodies, they will need to have a little bit of extra space. Having your dog jammed into a corner will do little to make it more comfortable for a long trip. Make sure that your dog has enough room to enjoy the journey itself.


As you can see, bringing your dog along with you on a car ride does not have to be a complicated matter. You will find that many dogs are accommodating when it comes to these voyages. Let us know what you think in the comments section below.




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