Tips For Jogging With Your Pet: Exercise For Both Of You

Tips For Jogging With Your Pet: Exercise For Both Of You

If you want to ensure that your pet will be healthy well into its old age, you will have to make sure that it gets sufficient exercise. Just like people, animals need to get enough cardio exercise to strengthen their circulatory system and to keep it healthy. Dogs can get fat just like people, and while it sounds funny and cute, a fat dog is not a healthy dog.

Today, we are going to be giving some tips on jogging with your pet. There are many ways that you can bring your pet along with you when you go outside, and the breed of dog doesn’t matter as much as people tend to think it does. There are also ways to accommodate smaller dog breeds on your jogs.

Always Stay At A Comfortable Pace For Your Pet

The last thing you will want to do when jogging with your pet is to overexert it. This is rather unhealthy and could even lead to your pet having a heart attack. Pets are just like people, and they have a certain comfort zone when it comes to the rate at which they exercise. When you exceed this comfort zone, you start to put your dog’s health at risk.

Woman running with her dog.

A dog which is feeling uncomfortable with the speed that a workout is progressing at will tend to start lagging behind or panting excessively. Keep an eye out for these symptoms when you are jogging with your dog if you want to ensure that it is comfortable with the pace you are at.

Use A Dog Stroller If Needed

A great way to go jogging with smaller dogs which would have difficulty keeping up normally is to use a pet stroller. Pet strollers are a lot like baby joggers, in which the jogger pushes around an enclosed stroller. In this case, there is not a baby or young child in the stroller, but a pet, like a small dog.

Dog strollers typically feature anchoring points so you can ensure that your canine friend is going to be well-secured for the duration of your trip. It can sometimes take pets some time to get used to a dog stroller, as it can be a new experience for them and a relatively scary one at that.

Use A Better Leash And Collar

If you are going to be taking your pet out on daily jogs, it is important to ensure that you use the right leash and collar combination, since this will usually be much more comfortable. An improper collar can end up choking your dog when you are out on jogs if they start to pull too much.

For dogs who like to pull when they are outside, you are better off making use of a harness, as this will evenly distribute the restraining forces across their whole body. This means less discomfort and fewer issues with choking that you may have with a collar. You may also wish to use a lightweight leash which will be easier to jog with.

Always Keep Your Dog Close While Jogging

It can be easy to get distracted while you are in the zone when jogging. If you are going to be bringing your pet along with you on jogs more often, it is important that you ensure that it will be safe. This is why you should always be wary of where your dog is during your jog.

Senior couple jogging in park with their dog.

This is especially so when crossing the street, as you will want your dog to remain safe. Keep the leash tight, and only loosen up when you know that you have enough room for your dog to safely jog around you. The same goes for more aggressive dogs, especially when they are around other dogs and people.

Get Your Dog Used To Going Outside

You will want to ensure that your dog enjoys going outside. Most dogs beam at the prospect of going outdoors, but some may prefer to stay indoors. It is healthy to ensure that your dog always looks forward to going outside whenever you bring it up, as they will tend to remind you to take them along when you are getting ready.


As you can see, it is quite simple to bring your pet along with you when you go on jogs. Regardless of whether you choose to make use of a pet stroller, jogging with your pet is a great way to keep it healthy and to build a bond with it over time.

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