Pet Gear Tri-Fold Portable Ramp Review

Pet Gear Tri-Fold Portable Ramp Review

There is no denying that moving your pet in and out of your car is a challenge if you do not have the right pet ramp. Mainly, while climbing higher elevation or a steep surface, your dogs requires an optimal grip to gain stability.   That is why it important to look for a quality ramp to protect your dog.

About The Product

Pet Gear, in this regard, is a reliable name that has been designing pet accessories since 1936.  Their product quality demonstrates a commitment to provide quality pet products. Pet Gear Trifold Ramp is quintessential when you talk about one of the leading pet accessories from Pet Gear.

Dog Getting Of The Ramp

With tons of innovative features, the excellent ramp impresses buyers. The company has designed it with some ultra-protection features to provide your dog with security and excellent grip. 

Easy-to-setup, the ramp has straightforward and incredible features.  Your dog can not only conveniently hop on the dog ramp, but also walk on its skid-resistant surface with sure footing.

It is broader and can support dogs of different sizes to walk comfortably on its textured surface. By buying Pet Gear Trifold Ramp, you can travel with peace of mind.   It keeps your pet safe from losing their balance and sustaining accidental injuries.


  • Comes with the skid-resistant surface to ensure secure footing for your pet
  • Has tri-folding  feature for secure storage
  • Contains rubber grippers to maintain stability
  • Has traction surface to provide easy walking
  • Easy folding for compact storage
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Weighs only 25.4 pounds
  • The product has dimensions of 71x 19.5 x 4
  • Uses HDPE plastic material

Pet Gear Trifold Ramp is one the safest pet accessories for your dog.  With its multi-functional features, the ramp helps dogs or cats get into car, trucks and many other hard-to-reach places.  

The Pet Gear Company specializes in making top-notch pet accessories. They have always considered their buyers' priorities and needs when it comes to designing high-tech yet straightforward products. Pet Gear Trifold Ramp has precedence of comfort and convenience.

With its tri-fold feature, it keeps the buyer stress-free even if they have a small vehicle. This feature makes ramp space-savvy. You can fold it and can adjust it beneath your car seat. Besides this, it is pet-friendly and can hold over 200 pounds comfortably.

With Pet Gear Trifold Ramp, you can quickly travel with your dog (even the larger ones) without having to worry about moving it in and out from your vehicle.  The easy-to-go ramp comes with a slip-resistant surface that minimizes the risk of falling.

Your dog can enter and exit from the car or walk up a porch without achy joints. Plus, the hassle-free opening provides sufficient traction on the textured surface.

Moreover, Pet Gear guarantees the durability of the product and has kept ramp’s design compact and lightweight. The company has incorporated quality pieces to make the product steady and long-lasting.

Packing Pet Ramp

Its skid-resistant feature is an example of it as Pet Gear Trifold Ramp remains stable even on wet surfaces. It offers sure and safe footing.  The built-in rubber grippers in ramp maintain its steady position and facilitate the natural movement of pets.

So whether it is about climbing into a vehicle or chasing a yard hopping squirrel, Pet Gear Trifold Ramp has made buyers' life easy. However, to make most of the product, it is important that you install this ramp according to the instructions.

Plus, make sure that you do not use it to load objects or people.  The ramp cannot support the weight of more than 400 pounds; so, try not to exceed the limit.  Not only can it cause injury to your dog, but it also terminates the ramp's warranty. Thus, if used appropriately, the Pet Gear Trifold Ramp has multiple benefits to make your pet’s life enjoyable.


  • Tri-fold design helps with secure storage 
  • Comes with handles for easy portability
  • Works great for smaller pets who require extra help
  • Slip-resistant to protect pets
  • Easy-to-clean material
  • Cost-effective


  • Hinge area comes misaligned –particularly in the new pieces

What Others Say

Pet Gear Trifold Ramp has convinced its buyers with its performance. Buyers appreciated the smooth transition of their pets from the ground to their cars because of this safe ramp.

They reflected on multiple forums about how Pet Gear Trifold Ramp has made their lives hassle-free and straightforward. Its size suitability to both small and big dogs is what buyers appreciated the most. Pets which are heavy can easily walk up and down without losing their balance. 

Moreover, the slick-sand texture of the ramp is another enticing feature of Pet Gear Trifold Ramp that many buyers mentioned in their feedback.  According to them, their pets walk fearlessly on the ramp as they feel secure and comfortable. Buyers further stated that the large pet ramp helps pets keep their hindquarters coordinated and protect them from falling.

Buying Advice

Apart of all the functional features, some buyers raised questions on Pet Gear Trifold Ramp’s quality.  Buyers complained about misalignment of the hinge area that halts the ramp from sitting straight when you open it. Some buyers raised their concerns about ramp’s surface that did not suit their pet’s skin and scratched their claws.  

Pet Gear Tri-Fold Ramp


Other than this, buyers appreciated the product and considered it a bargain buy. They found the product highly affordable. If you are interested in purchasing the product, it is available on Amazon at under $95.

Final Verdict

Briefly, the Pet Gear Trifold Ramp can become an ideal accessory for your pet. The easy-to-use product helps your pet climb up and down steep surfaces effortlessly. Features like security straps keep your pet protected from any vital joint injuries.  

The product is very stable when you use it in rear loading spaces.   Regardless of what pet size you have, you can use Pet Gear Trifold Ramp for arthritic pets, senior and younger pets.

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