Your Basic Guide To Pet Stroller Safety

Your Basic Guide To Pet Stroller Safety

Whether you have a disabled pet or a canine friend who is currently suffering from mobility issues because of a recent accident, a pet stroller can be an indispensable tool for your furry friend. A pet stroller allows your pet to enjoy the outside world without becoming distressed about traffic or loud cars.

Additionally, spending more time outdoors can help brighten up your pet’s day and also help with dealing with behavioral problems. However, similar to using a stroller for babies, it is essential you pay attention to proper pet stroller safety.

Basic Tips For Pet's Safety

Here are a few basic tips that will ensure your pet’s safety when you are using a stroller:

Use A Harness

Unlike baby strollers, pet strollers typically don't feature a harness or safety strap. It is thus recommended you make your pet wear a harness when he's riding the stroller. Some strollers also feature a tether, making it possible for you to attach a collar or harness on the ring, which adds safety and ensures your dog/cat does not jump off and escapes.

Make your pet wear a harness in pet stroller.

This feature also makes it easier for you to transport your pet to different spots when he's asleep. Consider investing in additional safety straps. While your pet might not like the restriction at first, safety straps ensure your dog's safety if the stroller tips over or bounces over uneven terrain.

Make Use Of Locking Wheels

Locking wheels are perhaps the most important safety features you should pay attention to when using a pet stroller. If you happen to see a friendly face in the park, always remember to lock the wheels before you slow down to have a chat, which will prevent the stroller from rolling down the hill or slope.

Most pet strollers have foot brakes, which allows you to pull the breaks without bending down.

Make use of locking wheels on pets strollers.

Because of its affordable fare, some pet owners may be tempted to ride the bus with their pets. While using public transportation, always be sure to keep one firmly on the stroller handle to prevent it from rolling off in case the bus picks up speed. Also, ensure you always hit the brakes before putting your pet inside/or removing him from the stroller.

Do Not Overload Your Pet Stroller

Unlike strollers for human babies, pet strollers are not typically designed to carry a heavy load and also do not have much storage. Use the storage space only to carry items that are essential for your pet such as treats, water and may be a towel or a warm blanket.

Loading the stroller by hanging shopping bags or your shoulder bag on the handles can be dangerous. Putting too much weight on the stroller can also cause damage to its wheel's mechanism or ruin the brakes.

Dogs in pet stroller.

Adding too much weight on the stroller can also cause it to tip over, which can be exceptionally dangerous for your pet especially if they are not wearing safety straps.

These are just a few pet stroller safety tips you should keep in mind.

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