6 Great Reasons To Use A Pet Stroller

In case you didn’t know by now, pet strollers are more popular than ever. More and more pet owners are realizing all of the benefits these strollers provide for pets of all shapes, sizes, and ages, as well as health and age.

While we can certainly think of more than a few reasons to use a pet stroller, these 6 are among our favorites. Read on to discover some great reasons why you should purchase one for your pet.

Your Pet Is Older

Our pets age a lot faster than we do, which is quite unfortunate.

Older dog in a black and purple pet stroller

Dealing with an aging pet results in a change of lifestyle when it comes to physical activity.

If your dog (or cat) has spent years enjoying walks around the park or neighborhood, it can be depressing for them (and you) when they can’t get out to enjoy all of their favorite sights, sounds, and smells like they used to.

Pet strollers are a perfect remedy for this. Your pet can sit safely inside and take in the environment around them while you do all the work for them.

In some cases, you can walk your pet for as long as they are able, and then load them into the stroller when it’s obvious that they are worn out.

A pet stroller is one of the best things you can get for an aging pet, as they provide a smooth, comfortable, and versatile way for your pet to continue enjoying the outdoors and your companionship.

Bad Weather

Rain, snow, and even winds can be a bit too much for your pet to bear at times, especially when it disrupts your normal outdoor and walking routine with them.

Although you may have the option of donning a poncho or umbrella, your pet doesn’t. Furthermore, some animals may not take too kindly to snow and puddles, while others may take the opportunity to get as muddy as possible.

Many pet strollers are designed with rain flys overhead to keep your pet safe and dry. This allows you to go for walks, rides, or jogs with your pet, with the security that comes from knowing that not only are they more comfortable, but also clean.

We don’t recommend going out for a stroll during a thunderstorm, but if there’s a light rain, or if the ground and roads are still a bit too wet and muddy, a pet stroller lets your furry friend come along.

Your Pet Is Recovering From Surgery

Surgery is inevitable for most pets, whether planned or not.

The majority of these surgeries disrupt a pet’s routine in many ways, especially when it comes to outdoors activity.

There are numerous reasons for this, but they mainly revolve around not having the strength and energy to go on walks yet, or avoiding activity that could inhibit their recovery.

White dog in a closed pet stroller

Loading your pet into a stroller is a great way to get them out of the house and outside, lifting their spirits while allowing you to keep your routine as well.

A stroller is the perfect solution for making them feel better during recovery, while also giving you a way to transport them if needed.

Your Pet Doesn’t Do Well On Walks

Let’s face it; not every pet does well on walks. This could be due to them being young and learning, or simply stubborn and, well, not good at walks, period. If you’re someone who’d hoped to enjoy your pet’s company on a walk or run, this can be a big bummer.

A pet stroller gives you a good training option. You can slowly introduce your pet to walking in increments, while loading them back into the stroller when things aren't going well.

This allows you to transport them wherever you go, while being able to pick and choose when you want to let them out for a walk, whether it’s when the coast is clear in regards to other animals, or just if the timing is right. Either way, it makes things a lot easier.

Your Pet Isn’t Able To Handle A Long Walk Or Run

Women running with a pet in a pet stroller

If you’re on a day hike, or out for a longer run or walk, it can be unfair to expect your dog to be able to keep up with your endurance throughout.

Sure, some certain dogs may be eager to put in a good 20 miles in a day, but many others aren’t able -- even if they wanted to.

A pet stroller lets you take your animal with you in confidence. That way you can go on longer runs, walks, jogs, or whatever, and give your pet a break whenever they are looking a bit too worn out. (This is also helpful on particularly hot days when the pavement is too hot for their paws.)

You Want To Bring Your Pet Places You Normally Couldn’t On A Leash

More and more restaurants, shops, and patio areas are becoming more animal friendly, allowing you to bring pets along with you for errands, dinner, or just hanging out with friends and family.

While some pets do perfectly well on a leash, others may not be so tempered. There’s also the whole factor of dealing with other people’s pets, who may not be as well trained as yours, or even pose a threat to them.

A pet stroller gives you a way to bring your pet along with you, while also keeping them contained, safe, and secure in their own personal environment.


As you can see, there are a ton of solid reasons for owning a pet stroller, even if you don’t intend on using one all the time.

A pet stroller should be considered essential gear for your pet, just as important as crates, beds, and more.

Two dogs in a pet stroller

There are numerous sizes, styles, and types of pet strollers out there, so you should be able to find one that is not only best suited for your cat or dog, but also for your own physical needs as well.

If you’re new to pet strollers, be sure to take a look at our buying guide for more information about how to pick one that both you and your pet will love!

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