VIVO Four Wheel Pet Stroller Review

VIVO Four Wheel Pet Stroller Review

It can be difficult to take smaller pets out of the house, especially pets which are not used to being outside. If you would like to take your indoor pets out for some sun at times, you will have to either train them to walk on a leash, or you will have to invest in a product which will allow you to.

One of the better options you have when it comes to taking indoor pets outside is to use a pet stroller.

Pet strollers are a lot like baby joggers in that you just put your pet inside of it, ensure that they are well secured in case they try to escape, and then take them out to enjoy the sun and fresh air.

Some customers make the mistake of thinking that pet strollers are only designed for use by cats and dogs, but you can fit all manner of different pets into strollers.

Pets ranging from bunnies to ducks can use pet strollers and enjoy all of the benefits of the outdoors, of which there are many.

VIVO Four Wheel Pet Stroller front view.


It is unhealthy for your pet to be cooped up inside of the house for long periods at a time, sunlight and fresh air is very healthy for pets and may even improve their lifespan if taken in regularly. If you want to bring your pets outside of the house in maximum safety, a pet stroller is an excellent choice.

There are many different kinds of pet strollers, and some of them are designed for use by certain types of pets. Today, we are going to be reviewing a model which is highly versatile. Before we move on to our review, we will take a look at two features which are crucial to finding in high-quality pet strollers.


The size of your pet stroller will have a bearing on a few different aspects of how usable it is. You will find that a larger pet stroller will be able to accommodate larger animals. If you intend to transport a medium size dog in your stroller, you will have to opt for a much bigger stroller than a cat owner would have to.

Of course, larger pet strollers will be harder to push around all the time as they will usually be heavier than smaller models. Finding the right balance between size for your pets and comfort when being used is one of the main challenges involved in finding the best type of pet stroller possible.

Adjustable Handlebars

One of the better features when it comes to improving accessibility on pet strollers is the inclusion of adjustable handlebars. The degree of adjustability of your handlebars depends on the model of pet stroller that you invest in, but most models will at least be able to move the handlebars up and down.

VIVO Four Wheel Pet Stroller folded.


Being able to adjust the height of the handlebars will make a pet stroller far more easy to use by a wide variety of customers, as many of us are different heights. Some handlebars can be moved from side to side, allowing you to adjust the location from which you push your pet stroller.

The Product


  • Features a max pet weight capacity of 30 pounds
  • Features several zipper doors
  • Features a cup holder
  • Features several windows for better visibility
  • Features mesh windows for sufficient ventilation for your pet
  • Stroller may be collapsed for easier transportation and storage
  • Features lockable rear wheels to keep stroller stationary

This pet stroller, made by VIVO, is one of the more popular models of its type. It is designed for a wide variety of domestic animals, including cats and dogs and it features quite a few aspects which make it unique amongst its competitors.


This is pet stroller provides much better value for money than many competing models. Due to the wide array of features, it is highly versatile and qualified for use with many different types of pets. While some strollers are designed only to be used by cats or dogs, this one does not have any such limitations.

The ability to collapse this pet stroller into a much smaller size makes it much more portable than many competing models. This means that you can pack your stroller with you when you go on trips. The swiveling wheels feel smooth, and this stroller is easier to push than other models in the same price range.

In case you want to make sure that your stroller doesn't roll away, you can always lock the rear wheels to keep it in place. The inclusion of several windows ensures that you will be able to see your pet from most angles when they are in the stroller, and many of them are made of mesh to make sure that the pet can breathe.

What Others Say

VIVO Four Wheel Pet Stroller back view.


We also looked at what other customers had to say about this model of pet stroller.

Some customers were impressed by how easy it is to remove the interior padding and wash it yourself.

Others appreciated how smoothly the zippers operate and how they rarely get snagged when closing the stroller up.

There were very few negative reviews, but some stood out. It was reported that there could be some issues with the reliability of the wheels on this model of pet stroller.

It seems that this may have been an isolated case, however.

Buying Advice

This is one of the more affordable high-quality pet strollers that you will find for sale. When you consider the excellent design, this stroller gives you quite a bit of bang for your buck. It is priced at around 50 dollars, and it can be found at retailers like Amazon.


We hope that we have helped you find the best pet stroller for your needs with this review. If you want a stroller which features the best value possible, there are few better choices. If there are any questions about this product, do not hesitate to leave a comment down below.

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